The Outfits widget is the perfect widget for fashion bloggers. It’s compact view presents ‘outfits’ in a clean and precise manor. The incredible simplicity of the widget means you will be using it… A LOT!

How does it work?

When the widget loads for your user, our clever system takes all of your URLs and fetches the product information such as title, price, description and images and returns that as quickly as possible.

An Important Point: The URLs must be for a single product and not a category, collection, search or landing page (otherwise the widget won’t work).


    How Do I.. / What if..

    Start by copying the example below. Paste it into your content and replace the example URLs with yours. Remember to put a comma between each URL.

    If we don't have the information immediately, don't worry! Your website won't be left hanging. We'll do a quick system sweep and if we can't find it, the information will automatically load for your user once it becomes available. 

    If you just see the loading image, this means our system is trying to fetch information. It normally takes less than 10 seconds but, If after 10 minutes you still see the loading image, please get in touch. We should already be aware of any issues but always worth letting us know!

    Code / Snippet Examples