Hello, and welcome to WidgetMaker.

I’m Joseph, founder & developer. My object with WidgetMaker is to make more blogs more engaging for readers & profitable for bloggers. On many blogs I have read over the years, I often find many blogs are samey and lack any real engagement. This is what I hope to fix with WidgetMaker, providing easy-to-integrate widgets for websites & blogs. Whilst primarily trying to improvement content, it will also try and help bloggers earn more income from their affiliate commission.

I’ve currently published around 2-3 fully working widgets with designs as well as a fully-scaling system & account application to support that.

The 3 packages on offer should cater for bloggers of all sizes & budgets, but if you feel they still don’t appeal – get in touch and I can see what I can do for you.

I look forward to making WidgetMaker work for you.